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Italian Tiles – Best Place to Buy Italian Tiles Now!

Italian Tiles

What do you think of when you hear “Italy”? From scrumptious desserts to designer shirts, “Italy” reminds us of the best in cuisine, culture, and style.

In the world of tiling things are no different. Italian tile makers like Refin, Italgraniti and Impronta are synonymous with quality and the latest in fashion and design. This comes as no surprise considering that Italian Tiles hold just over 20% of the world tile manufacturing market and almost 50% of the European market.

They are adored the world over and inseparably linked with taste. This is not something done merely to please foreign “palates” on the international tile market. Italians themselves enjoy using tiles in their homes, bedroom floors included.

Italian tile manufacturing has also moved forward with technology to the point that digital images can now be transposed onto tiles, heightening manufacturers ability for creative expression.

How does all that connect to TFO? Here at TFO, we bring this world renowned quality and aesthetic beauty right to you.
And why is TFO the best place to buy Italian tiles now? Let’s list some reasons:
Natural stone-look Italian vitrified porcelain, blend stone, tundra shabby wood-look, canyon shabby wood-look…
These are just a few of our newest arrivals in Italian tiles.

These porcelain stone-look or wood-look tiles ranging in sandy beige hues to majestic grays will transform your décor with an unmatched modern look or the rustic old-world feel you are after. Moreover, these latest trendsetters are available to you at the lowest prices around, some at even more than 50% less than what our competitors offer.

TFO is on a continual mission to source the finest in Italian tiles and bring them to you.
Take a trip to our TFO in Sydney or compare prices and purchase online for savings you will find nowhere else.

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