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Floor Tiles

Be sure to take a look at travertine tiles if you’re thinking of making your house more inviting by using tiles on your floors. Now is one of the best times to get these floor tiles and really bring your home to life using the latest fashion in flooring.

Turkish imports of travertine have risen by 80% to Australia within the last 12 months. You are able to modernize your home before they truly turn into a must in home based decor as of late. Obtaining travertine can really put your house in front of the fold. Your friends and family are sure to adopt these fashionable floor tiles with this massive rise in imports. Which is the reason why a lot of Australians are demanding these floor tiles be placed in their homes especially for new construction homes.

The fact that they’re so great looking is the reason why travertine tiles are really much in demand. They have a brilliant looking finish which can really bring a floor to life. You can actually make the tiles the centre point and focus of the room by having the tiles laid in such a manner to become the focal point of the room. This is how natural and fashionable these tiles look. Your property can have that comfy feeling that will be so inviting for all of your guests since they have a very warm vibe and the tones are not in any way over powering.

Although travertine floor tiles tiles seem like they would be expensive they’re actually aren’t. You may get travertine for as low as $33 per square meter. Why wouldn’t you acquire some for your house at prices such as this?

Tile Factory Outlet has a great range of quality travertine floor tiles at amazingly low prices. Visit them in their Sydney showroom or compare and buy tiles from their online store.


It’s true, most kitchens in Sydney homes use nothing but tiles.  Even if other rooms in the house have carpet or timber flooring, most home owners know and choose the practicality of tiles for their kitchen.  Tiles are extremely easy to maintain and very hard to damage which is great because even if you use utmost caution, you still inevitably drop oil, sauces, dishes and many other things on your floor.

So to beautifully decorate and maintain your kitchen, tiles are by far one of the best materials you can choose.   Today however, there many varieties of tiles and also lots of misconceptions about them.  See below for some of the bestselling floor tiles that you can choose.

  1. Timber look porcelain tiles

Many would love to have timber flooring in their kitchen but are worried about dropping something and damaging the surface.  So, what if you could get the look of timber flooring in your kitchen but without the risk of damaging or scratching it easily?  That’s why many love timber look porcelain tiles.  As they look like real timber floor boards, they create the warmth and beauty of natural timber.  The advancement in digital and inkjet technology has allowed manufacturers to reproduce the warmth of timber down to the very finest of details.  Timber look porcelain tiles also come in a variety of colours which helps you choose just the right colour that complements you homes colour scheme.  They really are a wonderful option for those who love timber but want the ease of tiles.

The Scrapwood series from Italgraniti, a manufacturer in Italy, is one of the popular types of timber look porcelain tiles.  As its name suggests, this range enhances the warmth of timber by adding an aged and worn look to the appearance.  They are also available in 2 different textures – natural and anti-slip.  One for inside and one for outside which is ideal if you want a seamless look for both your indoor area and your outdoor area.

  1. Polished porcelain tiles

When people hear ‘polished’ tiles they think of ‘slippery’ tiles.  Yes, they are smooth so therefore they are not the most anti-slip tiles out there. But for indoors, who wants tiles with a rough surface that grip well but are very difficult to clean every day? The rougher the surface, the harder to clean.  But polished porcelain tiles are not as slippery as many think.  When they are cleaned regularly, they are generally not a cause for concern. Cleaning polished porcelain is extremely easy. They can really brighten up the kitchen area and also make it look bigger because of it’s polished finished.  But it’s important to choose a pre-sealed polished porcelain.  Different from ceramic tiles that are glazed, polished porcelain tiles are porous on a very minute level.  Therefore, choosing pre-sealed tiles will ensure that nothing will stain or discolour the beautiful look of your polished porcelain tiles.

As TFO imports directly from manufacturers around the world, we can sell direct to consumers at unbelievably low prices.  You can save loads by buying tiles for your next tiling project from TFO.  So come visit our showroom in Sydney today or otherwise visit our online tile store to see some of our fabulous range of products.


Italian Tiles

What do you think of when you hear “Italy”? From scrumptious desserts to designer shirts, “Italy” reminds us of the best in cuisine, culture, and style.

In the world of tiling things are no different. Italian tile makers like Refin, Italgraniti and Impronta are synonymous with quality and the latest in fashion and design. This comes as no surprise considering that Italian Tiles hold just over 20% of the world tile manufacturing market and almost 50% of the European market.

They are adored the world over and inseparably linked with taste. This is not something done merely to please foreign “palates” on the international tile market. Italians themselves enjoy using tiles in their homes, bedroom floors included.

Italian tile manufacturing has also moved forward with technology to the point that digital images can now be transposed onto tiles, heightening manufacturers ability for creative expression.

How does all that connect to TFO? Here at TFO, we bring this world renowned quality and aesthetic beauty right to you.
And why is TFO the best place to buy Italian tiles now? Let’s list some reasons:
Natural stone-look Italian vitrified porcelain, blend stone, tundra shabby wood-look, canyon shabby wood-look…
These are just a few of our newest arrivals in Italian tiles.

These porcelain stone-look or wood-look tiles ranging in sandy beige hues to majestic grays will transform your décor with an unmatched modern look or the rustic old-world feel you are after. Moreover, these latest trendsetters are available to you at the lowest prices around, some at even more than 50% less than what our competitors offer.

TFO is on a continual mission to source the finest in Italian tiles and bring them to you.
Take a trip to our TFO in Sydney or compare prices and purchase online for savings you will find nowhere else.



You’re now prepared to set your Compressed Fibro to give your floor tiles extra support and stop cracking and bending. That usually occurs after you have gathered your tools, taken off any baseboards, undercut your doorjambs and leveled your flooring with patch and leveler.

Utilizing your notched trowel, put on your polymer-modified thin-set mortar to a portion of the flooring. For this job, starting in the corner of the room is highly encouraged. Set the Compressed Fibro in place and then secure it with the galvanized nails or rust resistant screws.
Chopping Compressed Fibro can be as easy as one-two-three. It is usually necessary to cut it. You must first score it with your utility knife then cut across the back along the break after snapping it at the cut.
Keep on scattering the thin-set, setting the board, and securing the boards using the nails or screws until the entire flooring is done. When done, make use of cement board seam tape to hide the joints then employ thin-set mortar to the joints and watch for it to dry out.
Should you be tiling a room it will be important to have reference marks. Pull it from the centre of one wall to the centre of the other wall using your snap line (chalk line). To leave a chalk line on the ground, snap it. For the other two walls, do exactly the same making a cross within the room’s centre. Following that, make use of your square to make sure the angle of the intersecting lines is truly square. To get an exact measurement when you loose lay the floor tiles along these guide lines, use tile spacers. To enable expansion, make a space of six millimetres in between the final tile and the wall, cabinet, or even the like.
Fine-tune the guide lines to help make the tiles wider across the perimeter if the loose lay leaves less than half a tiles width at the walls. Keep equal widths on the sides.
It’ll be better to make a grid of one meter by one meter squares if you have much larger flooring. Working in smaller areas is easier. With all this accomplished you’re now ready to start your tile instalment.
Now that you are armed with this knowledge, go out and take a look at your local tile store or even a respected tile factory outlet for the most competitive tile prices on flooring.


Terracotta Tiles

Choosing floor tiles for your home? How about terracotta tiles? Narrowing down the type of material you want to use for your floors may have been a long process but now that you’ve decided to use tiles, or are considering using tiles, why are terracotta tiles worth a look in? In either case, you’ll want to make a good decision for your floors since it’s one of the most difficult areas of your home to redo.
If terracotta has crossed your mind, hopefully taking a look at some of the pros and cons will help you decide whether it will be the tile of choice for your floors. Take a look.
– If you’re looking to save some money while getting a decent product, terracotta is a good option.
– Suitable for indoors and outdoors and will help add a sense of nature to any space.
– Bacteria and allergen resistant if you’re health conscious or have trouble with allergies.
– Warmer than other tiles for those who go barefoot.
– Can be used outdoors if properly sealed and maintained making them water resistant and weather resistant.
– Not the best tile if you’re looking at doing it yourself and are inexperienced.
– Porous characteristic makes it unsuitable for bathrooms or areas with lots of moisture.
– Not as durable as other tiles.
– Regular cleaning is required.
– Requires experience for installation.
Overall, terracotta tiles certainly aren’t a bad choice for floor tiles if you like the natural touch at a lower price, but it is best to have a professional install them for you if your budget allows. If you would like more information about terracotta floor tiles please visit our showroom at Tile Factory Outlet.




You are now anxious to get more innovative after you have set the floor and laid the subfloor. You’ll need all of the appropriate tools prior to laying your floor tiles just like in the other two steps.

Tools of the Trade To Use

There are various tools that you will require to lay your floor tiles. Many of the instruments you need are square, pen, your reliable tape-measure, a drill plus a mixing paddle, buckets for mixing the thin-set with water, and the same polymer thin-set mortar you used to lay your subflooring. Furthermore, obtain tile spacers, a level plus a rubber mallet. To trim the tiles, you’ll need a tile cutter or saw. Rubber work gloves, knee pads and safety goggles are suggested for your safety.

For finishes you may need aluminium angles for the doorways in which the tiling finishes.
Always educate yourself of any relevant building codes and follow the manufacturer’s instructions with each and every instrument or substance utilised.

Prior to laying the floor tiles, take tiles from different boxes and blend them together in the event that there is a small colour variance between each box.

Combine the thin-set according to the recommended consistency, then starting at the cross-section on the centre of the room, distribute the thin-set with a trowel inside a one meter by one meter area and try not to cover your reference lines. With the notched edge of the trowel, comb the mortar at a 45 degree angle. Without making swirl patterns, comb it one way. Utilize the trowel to get any excess and return it to the bucket.

Now lay tiles over the guide lines. Press them down softly with a slight twist and make use of spacers. Have a look to determine if each tile is sticking well by lifting one up. With the trowel, increase the adhesive if there is hardly any adhesive used. If this continues, have a trowel with larger notches.
Utilize the level to be sure the floor tiles are even after concluding one section. Otherwise, use the mallet to even them out. Cut tiles for edges near cabinets, etc.

This stage will likely be complete before long as you keep laying the tiles.
Superior tiles and tiling supplies are for sale at Tile Factory Outlet. Whether you’re searching for tiles for your kitchen, bathroom or any room for that matter, a good option is Tile Factory Outlet. They have got over 60,000m2 of tiles ready for immediate pick-up. And that means you are certain to find something that you will like!



Twenty-four hours for the tile installment to dry thoroughly and you may then be prepared to complete the final action, grouting.

You will need a rubber float and grout with this step. You’ll be able to choose what fits your décor because grout will come in different shades. For mixing grout, you will require grouting haze cleaner, grout sealant, sponges and of course, pails of water. Safety first should be taken heed of. To shield the eyes and skin, use your mitts and safety goggles. It is usually a good practice to take out any watches or jewelry as chemicals can be very erosive on such materials.

Mix the grout in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, making certain you have the proper amount of water for the quantity of grout you are utilizing. It usually necessitates the grouting to become peanut butter consistency.

Work the grout to the joints while you scoop some up on the end of the rubber float. Then go over the joints diagonally, filling up the joints as much as possible. Right after 20 minutes, wipe the grout joints using a sponge and clean water using a circular hand motion.

In the event the grout dries you will see a haze around the tiles, this is removed with grout haze cleaner. Stay clear of heavy foot traffic for about 72 hours after grouting.

After use a grout sealant that will protect it from dampness and stains.

If you want a great array of high quality sanitized grout at surprisingly low prices, TFO Tile Factory will help you. Take a look at great colour chart and select the one that is suitable for your job. Why don’t you visit them in their Sydney showroom now?


Bathroom Tiles – Tiling a Shower

Bathroom Tiles DesignIs shower purely for sanitary purposes for you? With an artsy tile installment, your shower can project personality and style. For preparing and setting up bathroom tiles for your shower cubicle, here are a few ideas.

Waterproof First

You need to waterproof your wall in order to avoid damage from the humidity that will be usual to a bath room. Several items are available to prepare the walls for this.

You Need To Mark It Out

You will have to mark the perimeter of the completed cubicle before putting in your tile. Firstly draw a vertical line parallel to the edge of the shower pan by using a spirit level. Additionally, you will have to draw an intersecting horizontal line that will assist you lay the tiles evenly.


These can be purchased in sheets, if you like mosaic tiles. You can also combine different styles to create your own effect, for example the well-liked waterfall effect. A glue and a trowel are also necessary.

To prevent skin and eye irritation from the adhesive particles, always employ safety glasses and rubberized gloves.

Mix the adhesive in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations and put it on straight away to the wall, holding it at a 45 degree angle for an even spread. Make use of the notches of the trowel to comb it creating a ploughed field effect. The mortar mustn’t be swirled.

Also, work only in one square meter areas at any given time to stop the adhesive drying before installation is done.

It is highly recommended to affix the mosaic tiles within 20 mins of utilizing the adhesive. Take it off and reapply if a skin has started to form on the mortar.

To pat the sheets of mosaic tile in place, work with a rubber float.

After initial positioning, the mosaic sheets might be adjusted for 10-15 minutes. To allow the grout, allow equal spacing in between each sheet of mosaics.

Position the mosaic sheets within an offset checkerboard pattern by sliding the sheet halfway between your two below. Do this to disguise the joints between your individual sheets.

To save lots of time later on, clean as you go. If you need to cut the sheets for the perimeter, hold the sheet square throughout the gap and mark off an entire tile row. To cut it across the backing, make use of a utility knife. Afterward, press the cut sheet into position and pat down with your float.

Continue installing the tiles then wait 24 hours before grouting. Apply sealer as necessary.

You’ve just added visual refreshment for your bathroom with your new shower.

Tile Factory Outlet features a fantastic array of quality bathroom tiles at remarkably affordable prices. Visit them in their Sydney showroom or assess and purchase tiles from their web store.


Learn to Free Your Bathroom Tiles of Mould

Mould TilesA healthy residence is a clean residence. Meaning getting rid of mould and mildew from your tiles. So, just how it’s done? Here are a few suggestions from the pros on having a clean house other than using the normal cleansing items in the marketplace.

Usually your kitchen and toilet are the favorite sites of mould and mildew since they’re normally exposed to excessive humidity or high humidity.
Remember to utilize rubber gloves when cleaning because mould and mildew could cause disease. It really is one way of keeping in mind that safety is important. Moreover you would like to protect your hands from harmful chemical and keep the area well ventilated.

A word of caution regarding bleach. If you use bleach, be careful not to blend it with items made up of ammonia. If you do so the resulting formula will be a very dangerous gas.

A ¾ cup bleach in 4 liters of water is an effective tool against mould on tiles. With this particular solution, fill a brand new, unused spray bottle. Take away the shower curtain first if you plan to use it inside the shower.

Spray the tiles and let the bleach solution stand for about ten minutes. With hot, clean, water, wash thoroughly the area afterward.

How about the grout? How to deal with them? Utilize the same bleach solution, scrub it into the grout with a brush. Allow it to stand for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water and let it dry.

You need to remove mould or mildew that impacts your grout. Clean the joints with the bleach solution and brush, then replace it with new grout. This can be achieved with a putty knife, remove every one of the old grout first. You may consider using grout types which contain antimicrobials which hinder the growth of mould and mildew.

Doing the aforementioned will preserve your wonderful tile installation and you also have taken an essential step in safeguarding your families health.

You can actually confidently maintain and keep clean the appearance of your tiles for many years with this newly discovered knowledge. For further advice why don’t you see your local tile store or possibly a reputable tile factory outlet and obtain a great deal around the finest quality tiles at the most affordable rates possible!


About Porcelain Tiles As Well As Some Points To Consider

Porcelain TilesWith their low water absorption rate, full shades and patterns, and superior break-strength, are there any points that may make one be reluctant to make use of porcelain tiles? Think about a few facts.

Tile Adhesives

Are porcelain tiles the tiles you’ll need for a wall or other vertical surface? Porcelain tiles is not going to take to the adhesive so commonly though wall tiles have a higher water absorption rate and “grab” the adhesive. While the adhesive sets, they will have to be supported. You can use plastic spacers put in the angles between your tiles, for instance. To offer your porcelain tiles true “stick to itiveness, make sure you make use of the highest quality adhesives.”

How to Make The Cut

Prior to reaching for that carbide blade to cut porcelain tiles, it’s great to bear in mind that they’re much harder to chop than ordinary ceramic tiles and therefore you will probably find yourself having trouble. A diamond wet saw (a circular blade created using diamond jewelry tip) would be ideal.

The Ideal Size

Because of the temperature of which porcelain tiles are cooked their sizes vary and therefore are irregular. This lack of uniformity can provide problems during installation.


Appreciating a do-it-yourself job well done involves fantastic satisfaction. However the inconsistent size and weight of porcelain tiles (it’s possible to weigh in at as much as 6 pounds) makes their installation a project that is best taken care of by a professional floor layer lest you end up with the common problem of uneven tiles.

Keep Them Clean As You Want

Nooks and crannies for dirt to lodge and stains to develop are a few imperfections that may be present in porcelain tiles. To avoid this, these flaws have to be sealed manually. A penetrating sealer enables you to provide an hidden stain resistant shield which will be made available to the top of tile.


Choosing The Best For Your Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom TilesChoosing bathroom tiles is not as tough as you think. Since there are several types of bathroom tiles, most owners find it hard when deciding on the ideal tiles for their bathroom. To guide you in this area here are some basic tips that might automatically assist in searching for the ideal wall tiles for your bathroom.
Tiles will make a big difference to the overall looks of your abode. It can make the house even more elegant and stunning. When it comes to the remodeling of your bathroom, in selecting the ideal bathroom tiles, you have to look at numerous factors, like costs, designs, finish and more. You can easily choose glass, ceramic or mosaic tiles. Generally, your choice will mainly depend on the cost and preferences. Bathroom tiles usually vary in accordance with their sizes, patterns, colours and other features.
Dark coloured bathroom tiles may make your bathroom seem smaller. When you have a small bathroom, using light coloured tiles is advisable. The conventional illustrations of these are the basic white, beige, or pastel coloured shades. With light coloured bathroom tiles, the appearance will looks spacious because of the reflections of light. In the event you want to utilize white tiles, you can just add several colours through incorporating random coloured tiles.
Purchasing bathroom tiles is quite simple given that you know its critical details. Before buying any bathroom tiles, first thing that you must do will be to recognize your requirements. This means you need to pick the best colour and pattern for your bathroom. If you want to spend less money, it is also essential to check your supplier. Often purchasing local or online sites, some shops offer discount prices. As there are various bathroom tiles everywhere in the market, you could also acquire low-quality items. To get rid of this, you have to criticize and weigh some highlights of bathroom tiles. Be aware that an excellent bathroom tiles ought to be sturdy and attractive. A great site to explore is www.tfo.com.au